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Durable, High Quality Grease Traps Approved for use in all States and Territories

CV Plastics manufacture grease traps (also known as Triple Interceptors, Baffle Pits, Grease Interceptors, GIT’s, Food Oil Interceptors or FOI’s) in a range of standard sizes, or custom built to your specification. Various designs include ‘Thin Skin’ models, and our unique Heavy Duty ‘Twinwall’ versions for faster installation and commissioning.

Grease traps are used in food service environments like commercial kitchens, cafe’s, restaurants and food manufacturing facilities to trap grease, oil and other contaminants before they cause damage and build up in the waste lines and water treatment facilities.

In the automotive industry including mechanical workshops and car washes grease traps prevent damage to the pipes and the environment. See petrol and oil interceptors.

CV Plastics stock above ground and below ground grease traps, and build semi below ground and custom grease traps to order. They come complete and ready to install.

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We keep popular sized grease traps in stock. Custom and out of stock orders can take from as little as a few days plus delivery.

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Above ground grease traps and grease interceptors

Above ground grease traps are essential tools in the restaurant and food service industry.

These devices, positioned above the ground level, are designed to intercept and trap grease and other fatty substances from wastewater before it enters the sewer system.

This not only aids in maintaining the integrity of plumbing systems but also helps businesses comply with environmental regulations.

Standard inclusions for above ground grease traps

  • External steel supports for reinforcement on some models
  • Completely sealed round screw cap covers
  • Inlet, outlet and vent connections
  • Installation instructions and support

Features of Above Ground Plastic Grease Traps

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Airtight threaded access covers
  • Galvanised steel support rails
  • Inside or outside installation

Above ground grease trap standard sizes

Sizes vary by state, click to download

Below ground grease traps

Below ground grease traps serve a vital role in the food service and hospitality industries.

These units, installed beneath the ground surface, are engineered to capture and contain grease and fats from wastewater prior to it reaching the sewer system.

This not only safeguards the plumbing infrastructure but also ensures businesses adhere to environmental standards.

Standard inclusions for below ground grease traps

  • Standard PVC inlet outlet and vent fittings
  • Steel cover for pedestrian or vehicle traffic
  • Installation instructions and telephone support

Features of Below Ground Plastic Grease Traps

  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Inside or outside installation
  • Custom sizes to suit every situation
  • Galvanised steel/cast iron covers
    • Light duty (class A+B)
    • Medium duty (class C)
    • Heavy duty (class D)

Below ground grease trap standard sizes

Sizes vary by state, click to download

Custom Grease Traps and Semi Below Ground Grease Traps

At CV Plastics, we specialise in crafting custom grease trap solutions tailored to fit your specific needs, whether it’s for a kitchen, workshop, or manufacturing plant.

Our offering includes semi below ground installations, gas-assisted hinged lids, ‘shoebox’ style lids with security locks, and custom connection locations.

We can create non-standard sizes and made-to-order designs.

For a personalised quote, please contact us at 03 5442 8728.

  • Semi below ground installation
  • Gas assisted hinged lids
  • ‘Shoebox’ style lids and security locks
  • Custom connection locations
  • Non standard sizes
  • Made to order

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We provide a complete solution for our grease traps with other products available including pump tanks and steel bollards, protection barriers and steel cages plus a range of other Trade Waste products.

Choose from our standard size above ground or below ground grease traps, or bring us your custom specifications.


We purchased a grease trap and raising station from CV Plastics and extremely happy with the products. The customer service was excellent and very helpful which is why we chose to go with CV, the price was very competitive and the quality great. Thanks guys!
Matthew H
This company goes above and beyond with excellent customer service and communication. Never had an issue in the many years I have used their services. Would highly recommend this company.
Bigman Plumbing
Exceptional customer service! Reasonably priced, extremely professional and managed to keep within our short time frame. Thank you Paul and team!
Chris Roberts

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Questions

We keep popular sized grease traps in stock. Custom and out of stock orders can take from as little as a few days plus delivery.

Please confirm when ordering.

Spark tested

CV Plastics quality control is second to none and all grease traps are spark tested before the external welds are made.

Structurally engineered

Our designs have been structurally engineered and proven to withstand many years of trouble free operation.

Our standard range of grease traps have undergone the WSAA (Water services Association of Australia) appraisal process and have been deemed “fit for purpose” by this national body.

Our above ground and below ground grease traps have both been structurally engineered and are approved for installation by most of Australia’s independent water authorities.

Installation instructions are supplied and installs must be performed by a licensed plumber in accordance with local and PIC requirements.

Download installation instructions.

It must be installed by a qualified plumber to guarantee the correct setup and seamless integration with your plumbing system.

Installing a grease trap requires specialised knowledge and expertise to ensure proper functionality and compliance with local regulations. 

Yes, we stand behind the quality and durability of the grease traps we manufacture.

We offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty to provide you with peace of mind and assurance in the performance of our products.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can rely on our grease traps for years to come.

The size of the grease trap required for your establishment is typically determined by the trade waste department of your local water authority. In some cases, your local council might also provide this information.

To ensure you get the right size for your specific circumstances, we recommend reaching out to the relevant authorities for guidance. For further assistance and expert advice, feel free to contact us.


A grease trap can be retrofitted to work seamlessly with your existing plumbing infrastructure.

We recommend consulting with your plumber to determine the optimal location for installing either an above or below ground grease trap that suits your specific needs.

Yes, we offer additional accessories and add-ons to enhance the performance of our grease traps.

One common addition to above ground grease traps is an under sink pump tank, which is typically required when there is not enough fall from the kitchen sink to the inlet of the grease trap. This accessory ensures efficient and smooth operation, allowing for proper grease flow into the grease trap.

Our team can assist you in selecting the right accessories to optimise the performance of your grease trap setup.

General Questions

Yes, grease traps can be utilised in residential settings, especially in conjunction with septic systems on rural properties.

They play a vital role in maintaining the optimal condition of your septic tank by effectively capturing grease and preventing it from entering the system.

Installing a grease trap ensures the efficient operation of your septic system, promoting its longevity and minimizing the risk of clogs or backups caused by grease buildup.

To prolong the lifespan of your grease trap, regular maintenance is essential. Keep the trap clean and well-maintained, ensuring that the lids are well lubricated for smooth operation.

It’s crucial to engage a licensed waste removal service to perform periodic pumping out of the grease trap’s contents, however we don’t provide this service.

To get rid of the grease and waste from your grease trap, you need to hire a licensed waste removal expert. They have the skills and tools to handle the waste safely and legally, following environmental rules.

The build-up of fats and oils in your pipes can lead to obstructions and even significant damage.

This can result in costly repairs and potential disruption to your daily operations.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your grease trap is always in good working order to avoid these issues.

Yes, there are often regulations surrounding the installation and maintenance of grease traps, which can vary by location.

To ensure compliance with these rules, we recommend having a qualified plumber handle the installation.

They will be familiar with the local regulations in your area and can ensure that the installation and subsequent maintenance of your grease trap adheres to these guidelines.

There are several advantages to choosing plastic grease traps over those made of other materials. Firstly, plastic grease traps are easier and more cost-effective to clean because grease and fat do not stick to the plastic walls as they do with concrete or fibreglass traps.

Secondly, plastic grease traps are lightweight, which typically eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment during installation. This can make the installation process quicker and less disruptive.

Lastly, fabricated grease traps, which are often made from plastic, can be easily modified to meet specific customer needs. This means that a plastic grease trap can be customized to fit your particular requirements, offering greater flexibility than moulded grease traps.

Yes, there are special considerations when installing a grease trap in a high-volume kitchen.

One of the most important aspects is the size of the grease trap. The correct sizing should always be confirmed with your local water authority or other relevant governing bodies.

This ensures that the grease trap can handle the high volume of waste produced and comply with local regulations.