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Full Name

Polyester Ertalyte or PETP

Basic Properties

High mechanical strength, stiffness & hardness. Wear resistance is better than that of Nylon grades. Insulates well against electricity and resistant to acid. Suitable for contact with food & is physiologically inert.

Common Uses

With very similar properties to Acetal, this product is used in precision gears, bushes, bearings and mechanical components. It has a high operating temperature with good dimensional stability.


Polyester PETP Ertalyte Physical Properties 
Specific Gravity Units g/cm31.39
Continuous Operating Temperature Unit °C – 5,000Hrs / 20,000Hrs115/110
Tensile Strength Units MPa90
Impact Resistance Units Charpy KJ/m2>50
Impact Resistance Units Izod KJ/m22
Hardness Units Rockwell M96
Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion Units mm/(mmxK) x 10-6 avg value 23-60°C60
Dielectric Strength Units KV/mm22
Surface Resistivity Units Ohms1×1014
Flammability Oxygen Index %25
Flammability UL94HB
FDA ApprovedYes

Available Products

Polyester Ertalyte sheet
Thickness: 2 to 50mm
Sizes: 1000 x 610mm / 2000 x 610mm / 3000 x 610mm

Polyester Ertalyte rod
Outside diameter: 12 to 200mm

Polyester Ertalyte tube
Outside diameter: 20 to 180mm

Machined Polyester Ertalyte parts