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Basic Properties

Similar structure to Polyethylene with a much higher temperature resistance. Good mechanical properties and chemical resistance. More susceptible to oxidizing agents than HD-PE.

Common Uses

Polypropylene is highly resistant to chemicals and aqueous solutions of acids, alkaline’s and salts making it ideal for the manufacture of chemical storage tanks.

It has excellent impact resistance and a higher scratch resistance than Polyethylene. PP is also a food grade material, has excellent moisture resistance, a low coefficient of friction and is thermo formable, making it also ideally suited to food processing equipment and machinery.

CV Plastics has manufactured many products for marine applications from PP, battery boxes, bait tanks, and due to its excellent resistance to UV light it can be used outdoors for many years. 


Polypropylene Polystone (PPH) Physical Properties 
Specific Gravity Units g/cm30.9
Minimum / Maximum Service Temperature in Air Unit °C-10/130
Tensile Strength Yield Units MPa26
Impact Resistance Units DIN 53505 Notched Impact Strength MJ/mm210
Hardness Units Shore D72
Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion Units mm/(mmxK) x 10-6200
Dielectric Strength Units KV/mm50
Surface Resistivity Units Ohms1×1016
FDA ApprovedYes

Available Products

PP Sheet
Thickness: 1 – 100mm
Sizes: 2000 x 1000 / 3000 x 1500mm

PP Rod
Outside diameter: 10 – 300mm

PP Machined parts