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Here at CV Plastics, we strive to keep outsourcing process’s to a minimum. This has provided an opportunity for our team to grow and learn new process’s, and for the company to make investment in training and equipment to be able to offer our clients better value through our products and services.

Some of our ‘in-house’ services include the following:


– All facets of plastic welding

– 4 and 5 Axis CNC machining of plastics and metals

– CNC turning 

– CAD Design and Drafting Services

– Laser cutting and engraving

– Plasma Cutting 

– Full metal welding and fabrication services

– 3D plastic printing

– Specialised plastic polishing

– Vacuum forming

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In this section, the company highlights its design capabilities, including product design, engineering, and prototyping services. The section should include information on the software and tools used in the design process.


Service overview

Provide a comprehensive overview of the primary manufacturing and fabrication services offered by your company. This may include precision machining, welding, assembly, prototyping, etc.

Description for each service

Describe each service in detail, highlighting the specific capabilities, technologies, and equipment utilized. Mention any specialized processes or certifications that set your company apart.

Advanced Technologies and Equipment

Overview: Highlight the advanced technologies, tools, and equipment used in your manufacturing and fabrication processes.

Description of technologies: Describe each technology or equipment, explaining how they contribute to precision, efficiency, and high-quality results.

Industry Expertise

This section highlights the industries that the company serves, such as automotive, aerospace, and medical. It should explain how the company’s capabilities can be applied to these industries and provide examples of past projects.

Target industries: Identify and list the industries your company serves, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, or others.

Description of expertise: Detail your company’s deep understanding of these industries, showcasing your experience, knowledge, and successful projects within each sector.

Customisation and Engineering Support

Customization capabilities: Highlight your ability to provide tailored solutions to meet clients’ unique requirements.

Engineering support: Emphasize your in-house engineering expertise and the support you offer throughout the manufacturing and fabrication process.

Quality Assurance

The quality section describes the company’s commitment to quality assurance and control. It should provide information on the company’s certifications and quality management systems, as well as its testing and inspection processes.

Quality standards: Outline the quality control processes, certifications, and standards adhered to by your company (e.g., ISO, AS9100, NADCAP).

Description of quality assurance: Describe the steps taken to ensure consistent quality, including inspection procedures, testing, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Case Studies and Portfolio

This section includes case studies and testimonials from satisfied customers. It should provide evidence of the company’s expertise and highlight successful projects the company has completed.

Showcase notable projects: Provide a selection of case studies or portfolio items that demonstrate your company’s capabilities, expertise, and successful outcomes.

Description for each project: Describe the project objectives, challenges faced, solutions provided, and positive results achieved.


Highlight client feedback: Include testimonials from satisfied clients that showcase their positive experiences, the value they received, and their satisfaction with your company’s services.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Overview of facilities: Describe the manufacturing facilities, including size, layout, and any specialized areas or equipment.

Infrastructure capabilities: Highlight any unique capabilities of your facilities, such as large-scale production capacity, cleanrooms, or specialized workstations.

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