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Trade Waste


At CV Plastics, we specialise in providing high-quality products designed to effectively manage and control liquid trade waste generated from commercial and industrial activities.

This type of waste includes various substances such as grease, oils, chemicals, solvents, solids and other byproducts that require proper containment and disposal.

At CV Plastics, we understand the significance of trade waste management in maintaining environmental compliance and protecting our waterways from pollution.

That’s why we excel in this field by offering a comprehensive range of trade waste solutions specifically engineered to meet the unique requirements of diverse industries. Our products ensure efficient waste control and environmental responsibility.

Grease Traps & Grease Interceptors

View details on our range of grease traps and grease interceptors.

Above ground, below ground and semi underground grease traps - Including dimensions, specifications and images.

Our experience in customised solutions is extensive, we will make it to fit and it will be compliant with your local authority.

Pump Tanks

CV Plastics Pty. Ltd. manufacture a wide range of complete pump tank solutions for kitchens, food manufacturing facilities, stormwater management and other environments where transfer of water or chemicals is necessary.

Cooling Pump Tanks

Trade waste must exit an establishment below a predetermined temperature.

Cooling tanks manufactured by CV Plastics Pty. Ltd. are available in many sizes to help small or large businesses such as laundromats, and car washes to meet these requirements.

Silt Traps & Pits

Silt traps and silt pits are used for primary pre-treatment of trade waste from businesses that use wash bays or generate floor waste.

Petrol & Oil Interceptors

Ensure environmental responsibility and prevent water contamination with our Petrol and Oil Interceptors.

These specialised trade waste products are engineered to intercept, collect, and separate petroleum-based liquids, safeguarding our water sources from harmful pollutants.

Solvent Traps

Constructed with durability and safety in mind, our Solvent Traps are designed to withstand the challenges of industrial environments. With their robust materials, they offer a reliable and long-lasting solution for solvent containment.

Triple Interceptors

Triple Interceptors are the ideal choice for businesses that generate a diverse range of waste, including solids, oils, and contaminants.

Whether you operate in the food service industry, automotive sector, or any other field requiring comprehensive waste control, our Triple Interceptors offer the performance and durability you can trust.

Acid Neutralising Tanks

Schools, Universities, Laboratory's and other industries generating waste that may test too high or too low in PH levels will require an acid neutralising tank.

CV Plastics Pty Ltd can supply the tank in many sizes and the medium used inside the tank for a complete solution.

Settling Tanks

Sometimes called plaster traps, settling tanks are used in dental clinics, hospitals and some manufacturing industries where solids that are heavier than water are trapped and prevented from entering the sewer line.

Settling tanks or plaster traps can be as small as 20 Litres and as large as 5000 Litres.

Plaster Traps

Our plaster traps are devices used in dental and medical facilities to collect and separate plaster and other solid materials from wastewater before it enters the drainage system.

They are designed to prevent clogging and damage to plumbing systems caused by solid waste. Plaster traps come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to cater to different wastewater volumes and applications.

Paint Collection Tanks

Our paint collection tanks are expertly designed to effectively collect and separate paint residue and solvents, ensuring environmental compliance and responsible waste management practices.

Dental Traps

Our dental traps are the perfect solution for dental practices looking to maintain compliance while reducing the risk of clogs and damage to plumbing systems.

With a range of sizes and designs available, our dental traps cater to various needs and applications.

Hair Traps

Our hair traps are designed to effectively collect hair and other debris, ensuring your plumbing system remains free of clogs and blockages.

With a range of sizes and designs available, we have the perfect hair trap to fit any drain size and volume.

Industrial Chemical Tanks

Our industrial chemical tanks are the dependable solution for storing and processing chemical materials.

Our tanks are engineered with precision to meet your specific storage needs and ensure safety and compliance.