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Full Name


Also known as

PTFE, Tetron, Teflon

Basic Properties

Resistant to virtually all chemicals. Extremely slippery, excellent electrical properties and has a very high operating temperature.

Common Uses

This is a high grade engineering plastic that is virtually resistant to all chemicals known to man. Its surface is extremely slippery and no product will adhere to it. PTFE will not degrade when exposed to sunlight for long periods and has a continuous operating temperature of up to 260 degrees Celsius!

PTFE has many variations produced by introducing different fillers to the virgin material. This procedure can create products that out perform PTFE in particular areas that would otherwise be out of the raw PTFE scope.

This is a very tough plastic which has excellent dielectric properties, creep resistance and dimensional resistance.

It is commonly used for gears, bushes, bearings, slide rails, chutes, machinery friction surfaces, seals, piston rings, electrical and thermal insulators.

PTFE is available in many different forms from CV Plastics. See product availability below.


Tetron S PTFE Physical Properties 
Specific Gravity Units g/cm3 2.17
Continuous Operating Temperature Unit °C 260
Tensile Strength Units MPa 28
Impact Resistance Units Izod ASTM D296 J/m 160
Hardness Units Shore D 61
Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion Units mm/(mmxK) x 10-6 MD=125 CD=129
Dielectric Strength Units KV/mm 59
Surface Resistivity Units Ohms 1×107
Flammability Flash Point °C 530
Elongation  % 300
Co-Efficient of Friction Test Method Polish Steel 23°C Static=0.07 Dynamic=0.06

Available Products

Teflon sheet
Thickness: 3 to 50mm
Sizes: 610 x 610 / 1220 x 1220

Teflon rod
Diameter: 10 to 150mm

Teflon tube
Outside diameter: 36 to 639mm

Teflon coiled tube
Outside diameter: 36 to 625mm

Teflon tape rolls
Thickness: 0.25 to 4.7mm
Width: 1200mm