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Custom Water Tanks

Extra water storage to fit any space

CV Plastics builds high quality durable water tanks for any application from mining and farming to camping, caravanning, horse floats, utes and trailers.

Our custom water tanks are created to fit any space and give you extra water or chemical storage, saving you space, and money.

Our Guarantee

✓ Competitive Prices
✓ Fast Delivery
✓ Ready to Install, or
✓ We can Install
✓ High Quality Australian Manufacturing

Turn around time

Depending on the size of job, we can have your product to you in a couple of days.

* Please confirm when ordering.

Australia Wide Delivery

We wrap and secure our products for transport across Australia, our freight company or yours.


We can supply installation guidelines, or we can fit your water tank for you.

Features of our custom water tanks

CV Plastics custom water tanks are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that lasts for many years.

We also offer:

  • Competitive pricing
  • UV and weather resistant plastic
  • Minimum 10mm thick, up to 3 times thicker than off the shelf tanks
  • FDA approved food grade where required
  • ‘No taste’
  • Professionally welded and spark tested
  • Industry leading 3 year guarantee

Our custom water tanks may be fitted with the following options

  • Built in pump housings
  • Internal baffles (standard on mobile tanks)
  • Mounting brackets
  • Level sending units
  • Level sight tubes
  • Filler caps
  • Breathers
  • Threaded inlets and outlets (standard)

Tell us the size and options you require and we’ll fabricate a tank to suit your project.

Custom water tanks for your location

Custom water tanks for camping and caravanning

CV Plastics can supply water tanks to fit your caravan or camper trailer. Most caravan parks now require grey water tanks be installed in caravans before they can park. Camping trailers may be packed to the hilt but you’ve found some wasted space just in front of the axle, perfect for a drinking water tank.

CV Plastics can tailor a high density polyethylene water tank to fit in to the smallest of places out of sight and out of mind – until you need it.

Custom water tanks at home

CV Plastics custom fabricated water tanks are suitable for hiding in the garden, the back of the shed or even under the decking to store your rain water or waste water from the shower, washing machine and the like.

Custom water tanks at work

CV Plastics can supply your water tanks for custom fitting to your work vehicle, ute, trailer or b. Where ever you need to store water or chemicals, we can build a tank to fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Questions

We can supply installation guidelines, or we can fit your water tank for you.

We commonly supply custom water tanks for drinking water or grey water to fit caravans, camper trailers, garden, home waste water, horse floats, work utes and trailers.

We also make water tanks for farms and mining applications.

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For custom water tanks, we’re here to help.

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