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Also known as

Lexan, Plexiglas

Basic Properties

Similar to Acrylic but much tougher and more impact resistant. Less clear however, and more prone to scratching. Has good thermal properties.

Weakens with exposure to alkaline detergents.

Common Uses

Polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance, approximately 250 times that of glass and due to its good optical clarity, it is perfect for machine guards and window replacement in high impact areas. The Bushmaster military vehicle made here in Bendigo has a Polycarbonate and glass laminate windscreen. Heavy machinery often have their windows replaced with Polycarbonate.

PC can be difficult to work with for the inexperienced. It can be welded with good technique although Polycarbonate is easily glued together with a solvent based cement.

Having only a moderate resistance to chemicals and easily scratched, care must be taken when cleaning. There is an abrasion resistant option for high contact areas.

Most sheet stock have a UV coating on both sides protecting it from degradation in sunlight, cheaper imports are only coated on one side or not at all.

Polycarbonate in stock at CV Plastics is premium quality and coated on both sides although we can supply the cheaper versions upon request.

Other uses include visors, Sight glasses, sun glasses, safety glasses, transparent instrument covers, vandal guards or covers, and electrical components.


Polycarbonate Safeguard UVX Physical Properties 
Specific Gravity Units g/cm31.2
Continuous Operating Temperature Unit °C – 5,000Hrs / 20,000Hrs125/115
Tensile Strength Units MPa60
Impact Resistance Units Charpy KJ/m240
Impact Resistance Units Izod KJ/m270
Hardness Units Rockwell M75
Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion Units mm/(mmxK) x 10-6 avg value 23-60°C70
Dielectric Strength Units KV/mm28
Surface Resistivity Units Ohms1×1018
Flammability Oxygen Index %26
Flammability UL94V2
Light Transmittance Units ASTN D 1003 (%)89
FDA ApprovedYes for rod only

Available Products

PC Sheet
Thickness: 1.5 – 30mm
Sizes: 1220 x 2440mm / 1500 x 3000mm

PC Rod
Diameter: 6 – 100mm

PC Tube
Outside diameter: 6.3 to 127mm

Machined Polycarbonate parts