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Extrusion Welding


Our extrusion welding service offers a reliable way to join thermoplastic and composite materials for a range of applications.

Using specialised machines and skilled technicians, we can create strong, permanent bonds that meet your unique specifications.

More variables come into play here, with the temperature of the extruded plastic, the temperature of the preheated gas, and/or the temperature of the welder ‘foot’ all having separate controls. The gas flow is also variable to suit the particular weld. Pressure and speed is also a major factor in determining the quality of the weld.

CV Plastics’ operators have many years experience using our Leister Extrusion Welder. Fully self reliant, with no requirement for external air supply, our extrusion welder is suitable for all on-site extrusion welding requirements.

All CV Plastics chemical storage tanks and process tanks are welded inside and out with the extrusion welder for a superior finish of strength and reliability.