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Pump Tanks


The pump tank can be installed in the kitchen, under a bench or in a corner.

CV Plastics match the pump to tank size and to the capacity of the grease trap or calculated flow rates. Physical dimensions of the tanks can be as small as 450mm x 450mm x 500mm high. Round threaded lids allow access to the pump tank and are completely air tight.

We only use high quality vortex purpose built automatic pumps and George Fischer hardware for reliability and long service life. There is generally no electrical wiring required as our units are ‘plug and play’.

Options available include local and remote overflow alarm systems, power failure alarms, redundant pump arrangements, integrated strainers, multiple inlets and customised solutions.


Introducing CV Plastics Pump Tanks: A Smart Solution for Your Business

A pump tank from CV Plastics is the perfect fit for your home, offering a seamless blend of function and convenience. Our pump tanks can be installed in a variety of locations, whether it be in your kitchen, under a bench, or tucked away in a corner. We prioritize efficient use of space, understanding that every square inch matters in your home.

Tailored to Your Needs

At CV Plastics, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our experts meticulously match the pump to tank size and to the capacity of your grease trap or calculated flow rates. We aim to provide a pump tank that is perfectly suited to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the best possible performance. In addition, we offer a range of physical dimensions, with tank sizes as compact as 450mm x 450mm x 500mm high.

Easy Access and Airtight Design

Our pump tanks are designed with practicality in mind. They feature round threaded lids that not only offer easy access but also ensure a completely airtight seal. This thoughtful design ensures that you have straightforward access when you need it while maintaining the integrity and functionality of your pump tank.

High Quality Components

We are committed to providing you with a product that is reliable and has a long service life. That’s why we use only high-quality vortex purpose-built automatic pumps and George Fischer hardware in our pump tanks. This commitment to quality ensures that our pump tanks offer excellent performance and longevity.

Plug and Play

We know that complex installation procedures can be a barrier to choosing the right product. That’s why our pump tanks are designed to be ‘plug and play’. There is generally no electrical wiring required, making the installation process as simple as possible.

Options to Suit You

We offer a variety of options to further customize your pump tank:
  • Local and remote overflow alarm systems: Stay informed about your pump tank’s status, whether you’re at home or away.
  • Power failure alarms: Be alerted immediately in the case of a power outage, ensuring that you can take prompt action.
  • Redundant pump arrangements: Provides an additional layer of security, ensuring that your system remains operational even if one pump fails.
  • Integrated strainers: Helps to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your pump tank system.
  • Multiple inlets: Offers increased flexibility, allowing you to connect multiple sources to your pump tank.
  • Customised solutions: If you have unique requirements, we can provide a tailored solution that fits your needs perfectly.
  • In conclusion, a pump tank from CV Plastics is a smart choice, offering a blend of convenience, high quality components, easy installation, and a range of customization options. Invest in a CV Plastics pump tank and experience the difference in your home today.