Tech Forward Plastic Fabrication

Hot Air Plastic Weld 

One of the most common methods of welding plastic is with a purpose built hand held hot air gun. 
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Extrusion Weld 

This technique requires a better understanding of the particular type of plastic being welded and the welder itself. 
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Plastic fusion welding services

Fusion welding is about heating two surfaces then pressing them together to create a join. 
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Stress relieving plastic

This page on how and why to stress relieve plastic is yet to come

Polishing plastic

This page on how to polish plastic is yet to come

Spark Testing

We take every precaution necessary to ensure the strength and reliability that we promise. 
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At Aquarium Industries we rely on CV Plastics for their design services and fantastic products. We appreciate their personal service and skill. It’s a pleasure doing business with CV Plastics

Carla Northmore - Aquarium Industries


With all my dealings with CV Plastics l have always found them to be extremely helpful, efficient and provide a good quality product that fits to what l need"

Peter Trabinger - O2 Plumbing

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