Chemical storage tanks

Thermoplastics offer exceptional chemical resistance and excellent impact resistance with minimum weight.

Easy to move and install, plastic tanks are durable and repairable. Onsite modifications are simple, making plastic tanks a good bottom line choice.

Fabricated from Polypropylene or Polyethylene cast sheet, fully extrusion welded inside & out and spark tested, CV Plastics tanks are designed precisely to your specifications.

All tanks manufactured at CV Plastics are designed by professional engineers using DVS 2205 standards and RITA software. Where Mild Steel, Stainless or Aluminium reinforcement is required, our tanks adhere to Australian Structural standards AS3990, AS4100 and AS1664.

We are proud to have manufactured tanks for Nestle, Kraft, the Mint, CSR and many other chemical plants. The tank above was made for Nestle to store Sodium Hypochlorite.